Destiny or Fate
Heroes always win. Except when they don't
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5 fantasy regions

Your endless path will run through seven fantasy regions, each with unique bestiary. Depending on the build of your current party, you can immediately engage bosses in battle or set out on a long journey to check out the various treasures and events you will find in every region.

Roguelike game

If your hero dies, all that you've earned and achieved will be lost and you'll be forced to start from scratch. Each time you play, all elements of your journey will be randomly reconfigured. Not only does this constant re-creation prevent the boredom of repetitive gameplay, it also keeps you on your toes.

180 cards and 15 heroes

15 heroes with unique abilities are ready to lay down their lives again and again. Think tactically: each hero requires a proper strategy. Keep in mind that not only a picked hero dictates the pace, your strategy should also include the way you build a card deck and recruit your party.

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Update ver. 1.01.02 October 7, 2019
Added function for re-viewing the ending. – The ending can be re-viewed in the collection in the “Heroes” tab. – This