About the Game

Destiny or Fate

Destiny or Fate (DoF) is a deck-building roguelike game. You may obtain more than 180 different cards which help you to attack monsters, defend your allies and strengthen your party. Recruit defeated monsters with skills that have caused you trouble so you can get revenge in the next battle. With your unique deck of cards, your hero and the newly recruited monsters, you can work out your individual strategy and set out on an epic adventure.

7 different fantasy regions

The game allows us to explore seven fantasy regions, each of different sizes and territories with unique monsters and events. With every walkthourgh all elements of the region is randomly reconfigured: new routes, new events, new ways to fight your way through and reach the final boss.

15 heroes with unique skills

Destiny or Fate presents 15 heroes with unique abilities and distinct personalities. In the very beggining you can pick out of two heroes. As you go through locations, new heroes are unlocked and they can be picked to play the next time. Heroes have active and passive skills, majorly affecting the gameplay and your game strategy.

Recruiting defeated monsters

There are three types of monsters: normal, elite and bosses. After defeating normal and elite monsters you can recruit any of them to build a party. Depending on the strategy, you decide which monsters are the most suitable. Each monster has different active and passive skills, which also crucially affects the overall gameplay.

Turn-based card battles

Each turn you can use cards from your deck. Depending on the amount of mana, you need to strategically think through each turn. Different cards let you attack monsters, defend allies, strengthen your party and even weaken monsters. After winning the battle, you can continue to explore the regions and receive resources. In case of defeat, the game is over and your progress is lost. However, the game does not end there, as you get the mastery skill to enhance the hero.


The final battle in each region is against the Boss. Bosses possess a bunch of different attacking skills and much more HP than regular monsters, so this battle is going to be tough. But the darkest hour is just before the dawn: if the Boss is defeated, you are immediately passed into the next region with restored HP for the whole party.