Monsters of DoF: Dr. Virus

July 31, 2019
In the absence of normal medicine, plague doctor is a very common occupation.
Bob the plague doctor was just an ordinary guy. He really loved his job. Cauterizing wounds, burning the infectious dead people or their homes felt very rewarding.
Besides, Bob was obsessed with the idea that the Plague was not just a disease, but a trick of the Evil Forces, and in order to defeat it, one had to curb the Spirit of the Plague.
Therefore, occultism and spiritism were Bob’s main hobbies.
After a lot of experiments with summoning various spirits and forces of darkness, Bob invoked something he thought was the Spirit of the Plague.
Alas, Bob didn’t get a chance to celebrate success and recognition he hoped for, as the entity he summoned was in no mood to cooperate.
The containment spell was too weak, and the Spirit of the Plague was able to break the magic chains and possess Bob’s body.
Ironically, a former plague doctor Bob is now a plague carrier, and people call him Dr. Virus.
-> Disinfection: Removes all debuffs from an ally at the end of the player’s turn.
-> Attack: Deals damage.
-> Mass Attack: Deals damage to all enemies.
-> Virus: Applies Poison to all enemies.
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