Monsters of DoF: Jack-o’-Lantern

August 1, 2019

Jack-o’-Lantern is one of the few monsters over which the Dark Lords have no influence, because he was created without their help.
That is the way of the world that sometimes evil draws its strength from the most unexpected sources.
For Jack-o’-Lantern it was people who believed the story of the evil spirit of Halloween.
The story fleshed out with various rumors, traveling by word of mouth, and eventually turned into a legend.
At this turning point, people’s belief in this evil spirit was so high that it bent reality and the spirit actually materialized.
It did not understand at first who it was and how it came to be, and only wandered the world as a shapeless malicious entity.
However, at a certain time once a year it always felt a tremendous surge of strength…
One day, a bright glow and curious loud sounds attracted the evil spirit to a farm.
Upon approaching, it found a crazed old man, who was carving strange faces on fruits and vegetables, taking out their entrails and placing a burning candle inside, all the while mumbling, “Jack! Jack! It’s all Jack’s fault…”
The evil spirit liked one of the images created by the madman; it was a huge empty pumpkin with crookedly carved sharp teeth and angular eyes. The evil spirit decided to try on this image, and since it did not know any other names, it called itself Jack.
And that’s how Jack-o’-Lantern, materialized out of the pure energy of human faith in absolute evil, was born.


-> Wicked Spirit: Gives 1 random Power card at the start of the player’s turn.
-> Jack’s Curse: Applies a random dark spell.
-> Pumpkin Attack: Deals damage to all enemies.
-> Pumpkin Curse: Removes Defense.

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