Destiny or Fate: Fall Sale! November 26, 2019
Winter is coming… It can mean only one thing: Steam Fall Sale is just around the corner!   Purchase Destiny or Fate with a 40% discount and fight side by side with the red-haired warrior and faithful ally Leona, whose hot temper will not let
Halloween! October 28, 2019
Can you feel the shivers crawl up your spine? Isn’t it bone-chilling? Is this a grim gust of October wind? Oh, no. This is Halloween!   The spooky season is back in town, and It is that time of the year when the strength of people’s belief
Update ver. 1.01.02 October 7, 2019
Added function for re-viewing the ending. – The ending can be re-viewed in the collection in the “Heroes” tab. – This function is available for heroes who completed the game. Added “Hard mode”. – If
Release Ver 1.0.1 Update September 6, 2019
1. Each hero’s unique ending has been added to the final chapter. 2. Added the ability ‘First Hand’ to the card. The card will be in your first hand at the beginning of the battle. Attack Card – Blitz + – Swing + Power
Destiny or Fate is officially released! September 5, 2019
On this wonderful day, we are pleased to tell the world that Destiny or Fate is officially released! By the joint efforts of the development team and publishers, the game finally reached the stage of development when we can proudly call it a
Update (ver 0.91.01) August 29, 2019
1. Add localization – Russian – French – German – Japanese ※ The language can be changed in Options. 2. Change keyboard keys. – All ‘Y’ keys on the keyboard have been changed to ‘E’
Release Date Announcement August 28, 2019
We are happy to announce that we have finally decided on the official release date of Destiny or Fate, and it is closer than you can imagine: since September 5, 2019, the full version of the game will be available for purchase on Steam! We would
Update (ver 0.90.01) August 5, 2019
1. Final Chapter changed from 7 Chapter to 5 Chapter – Chapter Monster ha been relocated. – Monsters have changed HP and Skills. – Chapter 1~5 the map’s path has been changed. – Add new battle background image and
Monsters of DoF: Jack-o’-Lantern August 1, 2019
Jack-o’-Lantern is one of the few monsters over which the Dark Lords have no influence, because he was created without their help. That is the way of the world that sometimes evil draws its strength from the most unexpected sources. For
Monsters of DoF: Dr. Virus July 31, 2019
In the absence of normal medicine, plague doctor is a very common occupation. Bob the plague doctor was just an ordinary guy. He really loved his job. Cauterizing wounds, burning the infectious dead people or their homes felt very