Monsters of DoF: Chefzilla July 30, 2019
Strange as it may sound, even the Dark Lords have a food cult. Therefore, at one of the meetings it was decided there was a need for a monster endowed with cooking skills. The Dark Lords’ plan was simple and cliché: steal the best chef and
Monsters of DoF: Werewolf July 29, 2019
“Dog Found. Red eyes, sharp fangs, huge claws, scared of silver. Has a funny habit of turning into a man when the moon sets. If you are the owner of this creature — please take it away, as soon as possible. Your boy has such a healthy appetite
Introducing Bosses of DoF: Zanus July 23, 2019
In the human world, there are many myths and fairy tales, one of which tells the story of a man who could turn into a huge lion. Some called it a gift, some called it a curse. Either way, Zanus was not happy with the fact that for a few days each
Introducing Bosses of DoF: Devourer July 22, 2019
Eat to live, not live to eat. This phrase often appears on the pages of philosophical books. Weirdly enough, those who can afford to buy these books seem to never get around to reading them. Be that as it may, if the supreme demon Throx is the
Introducing Bosses of DoF: Ice Princess July 19, 2019
Freezia hails from a small northern tribe. On the day she was born, the girl was marked by the spirits, so she has been taught shamanism from a very young age. The first years of study were filled with excitement and discoveries. Freezia learned to
Introducing Bosses of DoF: Vlad July 18, 2019
Vlad is a member of the most ancient vampire race. Due to their small numbers, some doubt their very existence, thinking it’s just a legend. No, the vampires race has not been annihilated by vicious and cold-blooded hunters, hung from head to toe
Monsters of DoF: Wind’s Soul July 17, 2019
The Wind Souls are wayward and freedom-loving. They dwell in different parts of the world, but favor windy plains and highlands. Because of their close connection to the air element, many believe these spirits rule over the winds and can be used to
Introducing Heroes of DoF: Henry July 16, 2019
Henry’s father was the richest man in the kingdom, and Henry, as his sole heir, was showered with fatherly love. From early childhood, Henry loved creating different contraptions. He made his first invention at the age of five, and at seven he was
Monsters of DoF: Ravia July 15, 2019
Ravia is a deadly assassin who shows neither pity nor fear. Nobody knows how many monsters came out of the mad professor’s lab, but she is clearly one of his most dangerous creations. Agile, silent, and lethal, she executes the orders of her
Introducing Bosses of DoF: Yaksha July 12, 2019
Every little kid knows about Yaksha, the terrible master of the elements. He is the villain in many horror stories, because according to human beliefs he and his servants steal children, turning them into Yaksha’s spirit-slaves. Adults are certain