Monsters of DoF: Sand’s Soul July 11, 2019
On occasion, you can meet a Sand Soul at a pond or in the plains, but the red-hot desert will always remain their favorite place of residence. The older these spirits become, the denser their body gets, turning from a light wisp of sand into a hefty
Cards July 10, 2019
There are 4 types of cards in Destiny or Fate: Power cards, Aid cards, Attack cards and Curse cards. Power cards are used to apply buffs and remove debuffs from the hero or monsters in the party. There are different types of buffs: those that change
Monsters of DoF: Centaur July 9, 2019
The centaur tribe has always been renowned for its warriors, the likes of which could not be found in any of the kingdoms. Therefore, having learned about the army the Skeleton King was building, they were among the first to come out against him.
Introducing Bosses of DoF: Skeleton King July 8, 2019
Mighty and ruthless, Skeleton King knows neither fear nor mercy. Having garnered limitless power, he was able to subjugate the legions of darkness, which he now wants to use to plunge the whole world into the depth of night, making it just another
Introducing Heroes of DoF: Liu July 5, 2019
Liu loved a simple life. He liked his daily training, plain food, washing clothes in the creek, sweeping the floor of the temple, and taking care of the old monks, his teachers. This is how he spent 47 years of his life, until he was named
Artifacts July 4, 2019
At the start of the game you can equip only one artifact. The biggest number of artifacts you can equip in the game is 10, six of which will become available right after you kill the Boss of each chapter, and four more can be purchased for Mastery
Update (ver. 0.80.03) July 3, 2019
Bug Fixed – Fixed issue where artifacts were not initialized when winning a battle while wearing similar actifacts. – Fixed issue where the skill name was displayed incorrectly when the party member skill enchant. -> ‘Old
Introducing Heroes of DoF: Chiron July 2, 2019
In the world of magic, one cannot become great without a teacher. Chiron had the most distinguished teacher of all and learned a lot, but although a talented student, Chiron never reached true greatness. Despite this, he enjoyed universal respect
Introducing Bosses of DoF: Scythe July 1, 2019
No one knows much about Scythe. Myths and legends say that Scythe was once a human, unbiased and just, and for that after his death he was assigned to be the new guide of souls passing to the otherworld. His mission was to help the souls accept the
Introducing Heroes of DoF: Ralcah June 27, 2019
High in the mountains, where no man has gone before, there lives a small tribe of avian people, a hybrid of bird and human. They are rather impulsive by nature, and always hungry. Once they even used to steal food and livestock from the nearby human