Monsters of DoF: Fire Soul June 26, 2019
Fire spirits are dangerous and unpredictable. Many are afraid of them and think that they can only destroy the living. These magical creatures radiate immense heat, but the truth is that with destruction they also bring renewal. Just don’t get
Monsters of DoF: Pharaoh June 25, 2019
The more we have the more we want. This is what happened to the young ruler of the ancient kingdom. He had power and wealth, his subjects worshipped him as god, his country was flourishing, but the pharaoh wanted more. He started to study dark arts,
Introducing Heroes of DoF: Belfamie June 24, 2019
In the north, where the snow never ceases, there lived a girl with her family. Once in a heavy snowfall her parents had to venture outside to collect firewood. Before leaving the hut, they gave Belfamie a strange object that looked like a wand, as
Update (ver 0.80.01) June 21, 2019
New chapter: Chapter 6 New Map 7 new normal monsters 4 new elite monsters Chapter 2 Boss monster Miroslav is now Chapter 6 Boss monster New artifacts New artifacts Added 28 new artifacts Artifact sets: 6 new set effects Set effects can be
Monsters of DoF: Gecko June 20, 2019
Not much is known of these ancient creatures. They say that geckos appeared in this world even before the dragons, but had to hide in the mountain gorges because something threatened them. Only a few hundred years ago they came out of their hideout,
Introducing Bosses of DoF: Miroslav June 19, 2019
Miroslav was once a noble hero, a ladies’ man, and an example for everyone. But we know that all good always comes to an end. In many years he didn’t lose a single battle, and that brought him to becoming arrogant. Wanting more fame, he
Introducing Heroes of DoF: Leona June 18, 2019
For a thousand years, Leona’s ancestors have peacefully worked the soil of the Great Plains, the territory that had been given to her people as an eternal gift. After the destruction of the Crystal, when the whole world plunged into the chaos of
Resources in DoF: Mastery Points June 14, 2019
Being crucial to the game, Mastery Points (MP) certainly deserve special mention. With them you can buy new Heroes and tons of extremely useful perks for your Hero and your squad. You will get MP by visiting new places on the map—those with
Monsters of DoF: Ness June 13, 2019
This world is full of mysteries and secrets, and, despite all efforts, some creatures remain hidden. One of these creatures was a monster that lived in a huge lake. Everyone has heard of it, some claim to have seen it floating on the lake surface,
Introducing Bosses of DoF: Hydra June 12, 2019
An ancient creature of the earthly elements, with three heads representing earth, water and fire. So different and yet united into one, the aspects of the elements pursue only one goal – to cleanse the world of all who upset the balance of power.